Israeli-Palestinian Military Tension – Current Situation

Israeli soldiers work around the body of a Palestinian assailant after he was shoot dead in the West Bank city of Hebron, Thursday, Dec. 24, 2015. The Israeli military said the man, wielding a screwdriver, was shot dead after he tried to stab security forces. (AP Photo/ Nasser Shiyoukhi)

The armed actions between the Israeli and Palestinian army men are today suspended – the two sides have agreed to a short-term armistice. This is the first outbreak of the armed hostilities over many years, and we can hope it is a sign that the issue can be shortly resolved. In this post, we will offer an insight into what’s happening in the region.

How Long Will The Conflict Last?

The current military tension escalation continues longer than the previous confrontations. At the end of the third week of the tension, Prime Minister of Israel advised the people to prepare for a protracted war. According to Benjamin Netanyahu, operation “Intact Rock” will last as long as it takes to protect people. According to the Israeli army, after the first four weeks, the Hamas exhausted its arsenal of missiles by about two-thirds both during airstrikes and ground operations.

The entrance to a tunnel exposed by the Israeli military is seen on the Israeli side of the Israel-Gaza borderAt the same time, the Israeli army ruined 32 tunnels built by Hamas inside the Gaza Strip. However, officials have clarified that some constructions may have not been found yet and that troops were ready to destroy any of such constructions immediately. Hamas requires Gaza blockade to be raised, while Israel claims that blockade is needed to protect people from missile attacks and that the army will continue its military operations. The blockade lasts since 2007 until today, and no considerable changes are expected on this issue in the nearest future.

What Purpose Do The Two Sides Pursue?

The main goal declared by Israel is to stop rocket fire from Gaza. Officials also stated that they had a plan to ruin the network of Hamas tunnels. In such a way, they intended to finally demilitarize the territory. However, Mr. Netanyahu warned the Israelis that there is absolutely no guarantee of success.Hamas tunnels

Palestinian militants have used the mentioned constructions for their attacks. In 2006, the Hamas militants kidnapped the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, having fled to the military detachment through the tunnel. In the morning, when a military attack began, Israeli troops intercepted 12 militants who entered the area of Israel through a tunnel and were believed to plan an attack nearby Kibbutz. Hamas political leaders say they will stop fighting only after the Gaza blockade is lifted. However, his armed wing introduces additional conditions; it will agree to a truce if

  •      Israel puts an end to the aggression on the West Bank;
  •      Israel complies with the ceasefire agreements of 2012;
  •      Israel ceases attempts to undermine the actions of the newly formed Palestinian government;
  •      Israel releases prisoners in exchange for Gilad Shalit.

Although the end of the military operations in the region is expected by all countries, this dynamic is not expected in the nearest future. Whatever the scenario of the conflict is in the future, we will stay tuned for more news and keep you updated.