Charity Organizations in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Alliance for Middle East Peace

In a context of rapid globalization, states lose the ability to stand alone against both open and hidden threats, or take an individualistic stand. In fact, in the modern world, big nations are deprived of the right to conduct independent foreign policy and are obliged to join other states and adopt a common system of interests. This also refers to helping victims in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but in this case, common values and interests are shared to the benefits of the people who suffered as a result of the conflict. Different states advocate for peace, while international communities unite efforts to help those who has already suffered.

 Middle East Peace

Current Situation

Today, local wars and military conflicts constitute one of the main threats to both national and international security. This also refers to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, that attracted attention of some of the most powerful countries in the world. Military operations in the region have already killed thousands of people and left even more victims homeless and impecunious. With the aim of helping civilians of the region, a lot of charity organizations became involved. They help people to escape from the area of military operations, offer protection, provide the necessitous public with food and medical supplies, and assist with documents and legal processes.

The number of such organizations is growing; currently, there are about 30 that deal with day-by-day challenges faced by victims and refugees. They include peacebuilding organizations like Alliance for Middle East Peace, Ameinu, Arab American Institute, Churches for Middle East Peace, etc., human rights organizations like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch; humanitarian relief is provided, among others, by Anera, Badil, and Islamic Relief USA. These organizations put effort to provide:

  • Financial support;
  • Food and medical supplies;
  • Legal support;
  • Assistance in migration to well-developed countries;
  • Moral support for civilians.  

AmeinuThese organizations participate in the resolution of the conflict for a prolonged periods of time, managing both regular tasks and rapid-response tasks that require timely reaction. On the other hand, to gain support from international communities, people need to share the information about events and needs with the public using independent sources. So another part of international organizations that support assistance to victims of the conflict are media sources, that include, among others, Israel Pulse, Ma’an News Agency, Middle East Monitor and Palestine Pulse.

Together with charity and human rights agencies, they form a union of communities that assist victims of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Overall, these organizations provide valuable and timely help to people that suffer the consequences of this rivalry over territory and power regardless of the political stands taken by any state involved or interested.