Gaza Shelter & NFI Cluster Situation Report 09112014


Gaza Shelter & NFI Cluster SitRep


Date: 9th November 2014

Intended Audience: Shelter & NFI Cluster Member Organisations


Nature of the Disaster:

Operation Protective Edge. Weaponised destruction, damage by tanks and bulldozers.

Large scale damage to Housing, Livelihoods, Public Infrastructure and Private Businesses



  1. Overview
  2. Current damage assessment numbers from UNRWA and UNDP
  3. Agency responses
  4. Gaps



Restricted movement of goods in and out of Gaza. New Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism aimed at increasing flow of goods for humanitarian projects, repairs and reconstruction: so far produced small amounts of cement for a limited number of families (894 names). Lack of coherence between access to cement and other required resources (access to other materials or money for repairs).


Owner-driven reconstruction requires active support to ensure successful outcomes. For example, it is believed that families receiving cash for repairs do not also receive support to ensure money is well spent in terms of quality and completion.


Very little is known about host family options, but it is believed this is the main coping mechanism.


Winterisation of buildings – up to 86,000 housing units – is required very shortly.



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