Minutes of Gaza Shelter Cluster Meeting 16_10_14


Minutes of Meeting

Gaza Shelter & NFI Cluster Meeting at 12:00h Thursday 16th October 2014 

1st Floor Meeting Room, UNDP Building, Gaza City


12:00h   Welcome                                                                                                                            

12:02h   Agree agenda                                                                   

12:05h   Update on the Strategy                                                                               

12:15h   Agree a Strategic Advisory Group                                            

12:20h   The Humanitarian Needs Overview and Program Cycle 

12:25h   Update on TWiGs: Transition/Repair/Reconstruction and Advocacy

12:30h   Updates and Ideas from Partners: MoPWH, UNDP, UNRWA, CRS, NRC, Human Appeal, Imad Al-


13:05h   Discussion on Winterisation and Contingency Plans / Initiatives

13:20h   Presentation on Overcrowding Housing Research

13:40h   AOB




Minutes of Meeting: Gaza Shelter & NFI Cluster, 12:00h Thursday 16th October 2014 

Location:                    1st Floor Meeting Room, UNDP Building, Gaza City

Present:                      To follow

Apologies:                   Oxfam GB International

Topic and Notes on Discussion

Decisions Taken and Action Points

12:00h Welcome and agree agenda

Shelter cluster surge coordinator started the meeting welcoming everybody attendance and appreciated their time spent in the coordination meetings and discussions. A quick round of introduction of attendants was made and everybody reviewed his contact details and information in the attendance sheet and signed.

The agenda was reviewed and agreed by the participants



12:02h Update on the Strategy

Shelter cluster will share the strategy document with partners ASAP. The document is needed to make reality happen, and organisations should have an important role in this. A strategy will identify the needs for different NFI’s, collective centers, transitional solutions, and so on. There are many things to be done to collect needed information as well as winterisation. Tents within buildings could be one of the temporary solutions. There is a need to have information about standards of the prefabs, the sites, the implementation strategy for repairs, rental support, makeshift shelters.

NRC is doing a rental building survey which is ongoing and results will be available by the end of this month.



Shelter Cluster share the strategy document with partners ASAP.

12:07h Agree a Strategic Advisory Group

A strategic advisory group is needed to discuss and finalise the aforementioned strategy document. Participation of any organisation is open for shelter partners. Those who are interested are kindly requested to send details of their representative to the shelter cluster to be included in the mailing list of this group.



Interested partners send the contact information of their representatives to Shelter Cluster IMO ASAP.

12:12h Humanitarian Needs Overview and Program Cycle

This overview is important to identify the needs, the gaps and what to do with a logical approach.

A meeting is suggested on Sunday, 19 Oct 2014. 10:30 am was agreed. An invitation will be sent via email with documents to be reviewed and discussed.

Shelter Cluster send email to partners with latest documents for revision and discussions in the next meeting.

12:22h Update on TWiGs: Transition/Repair/Reconstruction and Advocacy.


Shelter cluster has formulated 4 technical working groups (TWiGs) including reconstruction/repair, Advocacy, NFI’s, and contingency/emergency TWiGs. The main purpose is to concentrate on such issues in smaller groups that have significant TOR with specific objectives and nature. The repair/reconstruction and advocacy groups met this week and reviewed and accepted the ToRs and identified their priorities, main tasks, and meeting frequencies.

The other two groups will be meeting next week for the same purpose.


Meeting invites to NFI and contingency TWiGs members will be sent next week.

12:32h Updates from Partners: MoPWH, UNDP, UNRWA, CRS, NRC

UNDP finalising figures for caseload. Most field surveying completed.

Now looking at missed claims, many applicants/claims for assessments, these being assessed so final report can be issued.

Rubble removal: 2.7m USD about to be received from Swedish. Steering committee to meet next week.


Premier Urgence: offering Minor support to Municipalities in Khan Younes and Rafah, East of Gaza Strip, including maintenance, spare parts of bulldozers etc. to remove rubble to allow normal daily life and rehabilitation of closed roads and land access.


UNRWA: social survey almost complete, 75,000 households ie families not housing units. Will likely reach 80,000 households affected.

Technical assessment will be completed before end December. 30,000 assessed so far.

520 cases of TSCA paid so far.

660 repairs mixed minor/major already paid.


UN-Habitat reported from that the social assessments are delayed – all the neighbourhood where the representative is from has not been visited.  Fear is that delayed assessments stop people repairing their property.


UNRWA Area offices will be open for claims for missing households. There is a winterisation plan – 25k for substandard or damaged shelters repairs, 10k for cc’s reserve and 10k floods reserve.


UNRWA Finishing off (rehabilitation) project, budget $6,000US, making housing units ready for occupancy.

Owner can add to the sum available. Most owners are willing to contribute own money as well.

Idea being to provide shelter for a family for 2 years.

5 buildings with 2 apartments in pilot. The owner can choose a family – preferably known/related so as to minimise family staying on too long/tensions.

Work to take 1 month. Pilot starting this coming week.  Hope materials costs drop as more become available. Then hope to scale up.

Question on vulnerability/prioritisation.

UNRWA stress: family selected needs to be in sub-standard living conditions or in collective centres.

Must avoid TSCA-committed (in receipt of rental support) families to move to this solution. Is a transitional solution. Total number this will work for/provide: ? Unknown.


NRC are doing a survey of available buildings and will have the results of the survey within 2 weeks.


Protection: Renters will not be eligible for the new project. One of the things Protection is concerned about is vulnerability and who should be focused on.


CRS: did survey in Al-Sureij area, few materials available, selected timber design, asked Khan Younes people about pilot design, over 70% prefer this option to TSCA option.

Planning 3-4 more sample sizes up to 6, to 9 to 12. Subject to funding.

Potential to provide 2,000 if funding available. Selection is based on vulnerability eg 108 families eligible but funds for 50 so have to select and apply criteria.


Protection: work is ongoing on this. Feed concerns into Steve.


UNRWA: do we need to design a new system – why can’t we apply what has been learned in Syria?


75 Human Appeal prefabs sited in 2 sites in Khuza’a. 25 others to be distributed as individual units.


HA also has a project to demolish unsafe buildings total $10,000. Targeting Kuza’a.


NRC: sealing off for a 1,000 units so people can stay over winter. Looking at further cases of vulnerable households in repairable homes but not falling into UNRWA caseload. Looking at maybe making rentable units and


Eng Arch presentation: load to website.



13:02h Discussion on Winterisation and Contingency Plans / Initiatives: what is held in stocks and stores, which areas targeted? UNRWA was main actor – we need to know size of stockpiles. Last winter storm was a big challenge because we had no idea of stocks. 


Distribute contingency stock template held.


Need TWiG meetings next week to discuss NFI and contingency planning.


NFI gaps: many have NFI but need to know what needs are and what cluster members plans are. Last update was end August.


Shelter partners send their updates of completed/ ongoing/ and planned activities using the 4 W’s template.

Shelter cluster 4 W’s template can be downloaded from the website link: shelterpalestine.org


Cluster Members Send updates on needs and plans please.

13:47h Presentation on Overcrowding Housing Research

Shelter cluster invited the overcrowding research consultant to present the findings of the housing research which has been completed in partnership between NRC and UNDP. The presentation will be shared with partners.


Shelter Cluster Team: share the overcrowding research presentation with partners.

13:47 Presentation on New Shelter Model (Emad El-Khaldi)

A new technique for transitional solutions using timber and CEB was presented by Mr. Emad El-Khaldi. The presentation and relevant information will be shared with shelter partners in case they are interested.


Emad will share with interested partners and with the Shelter Cluster Team



SCCT to share presentations:

·         Human Appeal;  Overcrowding Study,

·         NRC Buildings Survey

·         Eng. Arch presentation, Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism.

·         4W to be updated and shared prior to next meeting.

·         New 4W to be established

·         Share NFI standards

·         Need a data management eligibility plan for next meeting.


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