Gaza Shelter Cluster Meeting Minutes 20150421




Meeting Agenda

Gaza Shelter Cluster Meeting at 11:00AM on Tuesday 21st April 2015

5th Floor Meeting Room, NRC office, Gaza City


Meeting Agenda

1-      Coordination update (Iyad)

a.       Updates from the Government MoPWH and MoSA

b.      ICRC – PDM

c.       QRC

d.      UDOC

e.      Contingency plan update

f.        SAG

g.       HPF /ERF

                                                               i.      Update

                                                             ii.      Call for proposal July

h.      Cluster Review


2-      Information Management update (Mohammed)

a.       Factsheet

b.      Feedback from GRM, and ABC tracking update


3-      Reconstruction Workshop


4-      AOB






Minutes of Meeting: Gaza Shelter Cluster Meeting at 11:00AM on Tuesday 21st April 2015

Location:                    5th Floor Meeting Room, NRC office, Gaza City

Present:                      Shelter Cluster Coordination Team (SCCT) [3], NRC [1], CRS [1], UNRWA [3], OCHA [1], SCI [1], SIF [2], ACTED [1], ACF [2], PHC [1], ICRC[2], ActionAid [1], PNGO [1], IOCC [1], AFSC[1], WorldVision[1], Community Representative- Khuzaa [1].

Topic and Notes on Discussion

Decisions Taken and Action Points

  1. Coordination update (Iyad)
  2. Updates from the Government



  1. ICRC (PDM)

The ICRC gave a short presentation on interim findings from a post-distribution monitoring exercise of the PRCS-ICRC House Destruction Relief Program, implemented immediately following the 2014 conflict (NFIs and food was distributed to 23,500 households who had complete or severe damages to their homes). The presentation focused on the relative usefulness of NFIs following the conflict - i.e. which of the individual items beneficiaries felt were most important (the PDM indicates that mattresses, blankets, food, gas bottles were seen as most important, followed by tarpaulin, kitchen set and hygiene kit). The objective of the presentation was to share experiences between shelter cluster partners currently engaged in emergency contingency planning. The ICRC is finalising its analysis, but showed willingness to follow-up this initial discussion with a more in-depth look at the issue in future meetings of the contingency planning working group.

  1. QRC


d.  UDOC

NRC UDOC team with a community representative from Khuzaa TDS area raised the current needs at their site related to the hot weather in summer. They need to shade the site open areas and the prefab units which made from steel sheets and will become too hot in the summer period. The request was directed to shelter members who might have some budgets or ongoing projects that can allow for such interventions.


e.  Contingency plan update

ICCG  IACP is under revision, clusters are requested by OCHA to review the emergency indicators, SoP’s, contact lists, and stockpile information and share with OCHA. Shelter cluster is still waiting information from shelter members to finalize the shelter contingency plan. Those who have not sent the information are kindly requested to do to allow the SCT consolidate and respond to OCHA requests on time.

f.    SAG:

SC will call for strategic advisory group meeting which will include representatives from the government (MoSA and MoPWH), UN Agencies (UNRWA and UNDP) INGOs (SIF), and NGO (PHC). OCHA will be attending as an observer. The 1st meeting is scheduled on Thursday, 23rd April.

g.   HPF/ERF

The Humanitarian Pooled Fund in oPt (HPF) is replacing ERF and will have two options in terms of fund allocation modalities.
The first is a standard allocation (through a call for proposals) will be issued on a periodic basis at the discretion of the HC and linked to the priorities of the SRP.
The second is a reserve allocation ($4 millions) will be maintained to respond to unforeseen requirements.
Standard allocation strategy and workflow
On a periodic basis depending on the availability of funds and once the funds are over the $ 4 million reserve at least in USD 2 million the HC will issue a call for proposals in consultation with the Advisory Board through an allocation paper. OCHA will facilitate the drafting of the allocation paper, seeking inputs from the inter-sector working group as required.

Agencies interested in applying for funding are required to register on the Grant Management System.

h.   Cluster Architecture review

There will be an evaluation/review of the clusters on National level, a questionnaire is / will be circulated to members who were involved in cluster coordination. It will take 10-15 minutes to fill this survey, we encourage all members receiving the questionnaire to respond. On 28th and 30th April two separate workshops will be held in Gaza and Ramallah respectively to discuss the review results and ways forward.



























  1. Information Management update
    1. Shelter cluster fact sheet

Shelter Cluster Factsheet of April is finalized, and will be shared with partners and uploaded on the website.

SCT presented the main parts of the factsheet.

  1. Feedback for GRM and ABC tracking factsheet

SCT presented the updated information about GRM and ABC material tracking as of April 2015 factsheet. The document will be uploaded on the SC website and shared via e-mail.




SCT shares the factsheets with shelter partners when finalised.

  1. Reconstruction workshop

Shelter cluster has been requested by several actors to facilitate a workshop on Gaza reconstruction to provide a platform for different actors to meet, present their activities and plans. The main part of the workshop will be in the form of 6 round table discussions related to various aspects of reconstruction in Gaza including: legal issues, prioritisation of vulnerable groups, urban and neighbourhood planning, implementation, construction materials and monitoring and evaluation practices. The workshop is scheduled on 13th May 2015.


  1. AOB




Contact Details

National Shelter Cluster Coordinator oPt

Caroline Dewast, NRC,

Deputy Shelter Cluster Coordinator, West Bank

Fadi Shamisti, NRC,

Shelter Cluster Information Manager, West Bank

Mohammad Haddad, NRC,

Shelter Cluster Coordinator Gaza

Iyad Abu Hamam, NRC,

Shelter Cluster Senior Information Manager Gaza

Mohammed Elaklouk, NRC,






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