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About the Gaza Shelter Cluster

The goal of the Palestine Shelter Cluster is to provide people affected by the ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel with the means to live in safe, dignified and appropriate shelter.

As a sub-national cluster supported by the Palestine Shelter Cluster, the Gaza Shelter Cluster Team works with everyone who is involved in providing shelter and basic household items. These Shelter Cluster partners include the government, UN agencies, international and local NGOs, civil society organizations, the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, academia and donors. The Cluster also provides a forum to liaise with the media, the private sector and other actors with a stake in the provision of humanitarian shelter.

The Shelter Cluster helps all shelter actors work together better, so that the people who need shelter assistance get help faster and receive the right kind of assistance. The team makes every effort to involve the affected people and their communities in decisions related to the shelter response.

The Shelter Cluster is a global mechanism that is supported by many different organizations. In Gaza the Shelter Cluster is led by the Norwegian Refugee Committee.


What the Shelter Cluster Team can do for you

The Shelter Cluster Team is here to support the work of those working to provide shelter and to facilitate agreement on important topics. These topics can include:

·       Coordinated and joint assessments

·       Overall strategic priorities for the response

·       Standardization of shelter and building materials

·       Technical support for alternative shelter solutions such as repairs, host families or rental support.

The Shelter Cluster team does not directly provide shelter materials, such as tents, plastic sheeting, tools etc., but helps Shelter Cluster partners provide assistance in a coordinated way.

The Shelter Cluster works with all stakeholders to help ensure that the right resources are made available to the right people, but depends on the Shelter Cluster partners to implement decisions.

To achieve this, the Shelter Cluster team collects, analyses and shares information. Some of the ways that organizations can benefit from participating in the Shelter Cluster include:

·       Up-to-date information showing shelter needs, how these needs are being met, who meets them, as well as the remaining gaps. This includes maps, distribution data etc.

·       Technical expertise and lessons learned

·       A place where shelter actors can agree on standards and decide on common strategies

·       Information about available funding, what it is for and how to access it

·       Advice on how to connect the current shelter programmes to early recovery, contingency planning and risk reduction

·      A team that will advocate on behalf of the shelter sector


The Shelter Cluster consists of the following components:

·       A team that manages the core functions of the cluster, usually coordination, information management and technical support.

·       Main Cluster Meetings which are open to all shelter actors.

·       The Strategic Advisory Group (SAG), a smaller group of organizations that represents the cluster and provides strategic direction.

·       Technical Working Groups (TWiGs) that work on specific issues such as shelter design, technical specifications, land issues, housing, land and property rights, reconstruction planning, etc.

Please contact coord1.palestine@sheltercluster.org

or iyad.hamam@nrc.no

if you have additional questions. Visit www.sheltercluster.org for more information.